While most plumbing problems are a hassle, they give homeowners a clue before they get to become a full-blown issue. Homeowners should regularly inspect their homes for possible plumbing problems so that they could seek plumber service before the issue becomes a huge concern.

Since not all plumbing issues are visible to the naked eye, it is also essential to seek a professional plumbing inspection, since a plumbing contractor has the skills and equipment to find plumbing concerns even before it gets blown out of proportion.

Plumbing inspection service

Professional plumbing inspection service is an essential maintenance chore for every residential homeowner.  While some homeowners see this as an added expense or a waste of time, it is not a futile exercise after all. Plumbing inspections pave the way for the detection of plumbing issues that could otherwise cause a large inconvenience to every member of the household.

Plumbing maintenance inspections can detect faucet and showerhead drips, clogs, water heater issues, garbage disposal problems, water line, and sewer problems, among other concerns.  And since the plumber is there already, the homeowner can easily ask the contractor to carry out the needed plumbing repair right away.

Common plumbing issues detected during inspections

One of the most common plumbing issues discovered during professional plumbing inspections is clogged drain. A clogged drain is commonplace in homes since drain blockages tend to build up, especially when drains are used carelessly. It could also take place when garbage disposal units are abused. A clogged pipe is also uncommon, and usually one of its symptoms is slow drains. 

It is best to seek a drain cleaning service right away, if the drains are slow, or one of them is clogged. When drains get clogged all at the same time, the sewer could also get clogged, and back-ups can occur anytime. Sewer back-ups can flood a home with unsanitary water since these are all wastewater that is contaminated with bacteria.

Plumbing care and maintenance

Plumbing inspections also help avoid plumbing emergencies. These plumbing problems can cause inconvenience and could even damage other parts of the house including furniture and memorabilia. These could include water damage that could prompt mold growth. it could also undermine the foundation, and cause pest infestations as some insects and pests tend to get attracted to moist and humid environments. Check out more resources here.