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Choclatique Chocolate Weddings

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010
— Ed Engoron, Co-Founder of Choclatique

Did you know that 2.3 million couples get married in the United States every year? That breaks down to nearly 6,200 weddings a day. The average age of a bride is 25 and the average age of a groom is about 27. An average of 178 guests are invited to each wedding where an average of $20,000 is spent per wedding—nearly $72 billion per year. Oh, and by the way, nearly one-third of those getting married are retreads, having been previously married.

A wedding is that wonderful ceremony in which two people are blissfully united in marriage or a civil union, pledging their lives together. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, religions, nationalities and social classes.

Wedding ceremonies involve an exchange of vows by the couple along with the exchange of a gift—often wedding rings—and a proclamation of marriage by an authority figure. We normally celebrate after the ceremony with a wedding reception which almost always includes a beautiful multi-layered wedding cake. And, more often than not, chocolate is as commonplace as music, great food and champagne.

Scrumptious, incredible, edible chocolate wedding favors are now as popular with guests as they are with brides! After all, who doesn’t love chocolate? These chocolate wedding favors accomplish so much. They add a touch of sculptural art to all of the guests’ tables. They are unique and sure to make every guest—young and old—smile when they arrive at their assigned seat. Finally, they are absolutely the most delicious way to say thank you to all who attend the wedding.

New traditions for nuptials are always being added. Many brides are now opting for different ways to show their sweet savvy, choosing a “wedding cake” made of multiple tiers of cupcakes, his and hers wedding cake and a “chocolate table” filled with a beautiful array of miniature chocolate truffles.

Chocolate Commitment HeartRecently, Choclatique was invited to compete in the 2010 International Bridal Salon for the coveted chocolate awards. We joined a group of esteemed fellow chocolatiers and confectioners in this historic juried competition for the Bridal market. The 20 or so judges for this competition were from national and regional Bridal publications and they were there to decide our fate.

Choclatique Wedding FavorsChoclatique submitted 3 entries: our mini, 3-layer wedding cakes—these stand only about 2-inches tall yet are completely decorated, filled with strawberry white chocolate angel food ganache and brushed with either 24 karat gold or silver; 4-piece Gemstone truffles (each one has been designed to represent a different birthstone) and our gold leafed Commitment Hearts. What bride wouldn’t love to include any of these at her wedding?

Apricot TopazThe judges’ decisions were rendered and Choclatique was recognized as the Top Artisan Chocolatier and the Most Gifted Chocolatier / Chocolate Maker. We were also recognized for the Most Artistic Designs, Best Traditional Chocolates and the Best for Wedding Receptions. It’s always great to be recognized as the best of the best, especially in chocolate.

Weddings are not just in the month of June any more… and love and marriage along with engagements and anniversaries—can and should—be celebrated every day… with Choclatique chocolate, of course!

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