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I Have To Confess – I LOVE NAKED CHICKS!

Monday, March 8th, 2010
— Ed Engoron, Co-Founder of Choclatique

No, this is not an x-rated blog; it is still all about wonderful Choclatique chocolate truffles. So, where do I start? It’s a long, messy story.

We were so proud that we created such a delicious change from traditional Easter candy offerings. These exceptional Choclatique chocolates truffles were hatched just in time for spring with an array of vibrant colors and luscious flavors.

Sticky Almond ChickEveryone immediately loved our delicate chocolate eggs, cracked in the middle with a tiny chick emerging from within. As with all of our chocolate truffles, our Chicks are made with our premium quality, luscious chocolates and wonderful fresh fillings.

Strawberry-CreamChickHere’s the “rub”… each Chick is individually hand-painted and decorated by our talented chocolate artisans in our Chocolate Studios. It takes nearly 3 days to complete the “hatching” cycle. In fact it takes a full 15 minutes just to chocolate decorate a single tray of 15 Chicks. Then we still have to cast the shells, fill the truffles and close them. That’s not all… “dotting the eyes” takes on a new meaning. After the Chicks are released from their molds we have to dot in the eyes with blue cocoa butter and each beak in orange cocoa butter. Then they go to packing where they are cupped, boxed, shrink wrapped and ribbon tied before they are sent out to be enjoyed by thousands of people across the country.

The really good news is chocolate lovers are peeping with joy over Choclatique Chicks and telling their friends about the unique blend of gourmet chocolate and flavorful fillings. Chicks are already becoming a new family tradition. The bad news is chocolate lovers are telling their friends and everyone is ordering Chicks. I guess I shouldn’t complain because so many people are out of work, but we are all working longs hours during the week and even longer hours on the weekend to make sure everyone gets their Chicks in time.

Solid Dark ChickYou see, I created a nightmare—CHICKS—that has been keeping me up at night. So last night I was dreaming about Naked Chicks—undressed hatchlings in solid Dark, Milk and White Chocolate in our stylish one pound cellophane bags! This helps take some of the pressure off the Chocolate Studio and offers a great Easter treat at a reduced price so more people can enjoy Choclatique for Easter.

Naked Mixed ChicksSo, here’s the deal… now you can order your CHICKS two ways: fully dressed CHICKS with wonder flavors that include Cranberry Bog, Sticky Almond, Triple Chocolate, Strawberries & Cream, Chocolate-Marshmallow, Chocolate Mousse, Mint Chip and several other chirping delights, and Naked CHICKS in solid dark, milk or white premium chocolate or a mix of dark, milk and white chocolate.

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