Screaming-Easy Oreo Cookie Chocolate Truffles

Oreo Cookie Chocolate TrufflesNothing could be easier or more delicious. After all how can you go wrong with Choclatique Chocolate, cream cheese and Oreo cookies?

These truffles are crunchy on the outside from the rolled Oreo cookie topping and as soft as truffles on the inside. For a crunchier bite, don’t grind the topping too fine.

Makes 40 Truffles

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Chilling time: 60 minutes
Level: *

Special Tool Box:
• food processor fitted with a metal blade
• mixing bowls
• melon baller, small #40 scoop or 2 tablespoons
• latex gloves or allergen free rubber gloves
• serving tray


1 (16 ounce) package regular Oreo cookies

3 ounces pistachios, shelled and toasted (optional)

1 (8 ounce) package Cream Cheese, softened

1 cup (8 ounces) Choclatique Dark Chocolate Chips, melted


1. Crush 10 of the cookies into fine crumbs in food processor and set aside.

2. Crush remaining cookies and pistachios (if using) into fine crumbs; place in medium bowl.

3. Add the cream cheese mixing until thoroughly blended

4. Using gloved hands, roll the cookie mixture into 40 balls, about 1-inch in diameter.

5. Using a chocolate dipping fork, dip the cookie balls into melted chocolate and roll them onto a shallow tray filled with the set aside the Oreo cookie crumbs. Place on wax paper or parchment-lined baking sheet and refrigerate until firm, about 1 hour.

6. Store finished truffles, covered, in refrigerator. They will keep for about two weeks if they last that long.


Oreo cookies can also be finely crushed in a resealable plastic bag with a rolling pin.